DIY Bridal Makeup Tips Part One

Happy March !
         Spring is on the way & wedding dates approach more quickly than you can imagine. So if you are a future bride or bridesmaid and are planning to do your own makeup I have detailed, helpful tips for you.
Part One: Skin Care   Have fun with this…remember it’s for your wedding!
          I know you are 20something and your skin feels fine so you don’t think you have to moisturize. There is a moisturizer for every skin type…oily,combination or dry. You don’t have to spend lots of money to get one. Drugstores now have a wide range of skincare products for all skin types. If you feel unsure or worried about allergic reactions see a friend recommended dermatologist.
          If you break out when under stress it’s a good idea to see a dermatologist well ahead of time to ask about a product that will help.
Also if you want to have a facial before your wedding have one
at least one month before. This is really important, believe me.
Have a simple facial if you have not had one before and use an esthetician who is highly recommended.
                                                          Now for brides 30 & over ! All of the above applies plus eyecreams
are a real plus. The skin under the eyes are the first part of the face to lose moisture.If you are a regular makeup wearer regardless of age be sure to cleanse well. Your skin will thank you.
                          OK, here’s the bottom line. You will feel great & look gorgeous on your very special day
in person & in your photos if you take good care of your skin.
        Part Two / Foundations is coming in a few days. Have a wonderful weekend, Wendy


Hello All ! I know that you have not heard from me
in a long time. Life & work get in the way of blogging.
But I’m back !
        On Saturday we did a lovely wedding at
The Public Hotel in Chicago. This is the home of
The Pump Room, where every public figure since the
1930s has come to dine. What a great job they did renovating this beautiful landmark hotel, from head to toe.
         My wonderful bride Iris (to the left) was such a pleasure to work with. Her stepmom Peg, her sister
and bridesmaids were all terrific. They were fun to be with and were so loving to Iris. They took really good care of her and attended to every detail.
Plus regardless of timing pressure Iris was sooo patient & sweet and maintained her great sense of humor.
They are all very fortunate to have each other & we were very lucky to spend the day with them.
I hope all future brides will be blessed enough to have this sort of wedding day !
                                                                                  See you soon (REALLY !) , Wendy