Why Your Wedding Makeup Artist Should Not Be the Last Vendor You Book

This post is taken directly from Martha Stewart Weddings. No plagarism here.

Booking your Makeup Artist early should be a top priority.

The next paragraph is absolutely true. MANY brides have told me that all their vendors were already booked when they contacted me.

Most wedding makeup artists will tell you that they’re often one of the final vendors their brides book. By the time they choose their makeup specialist, they’ve already locked in their venue, photographer, flowers, wedding dress, and favors. At that point, you might be a mere few months out from the big day. While you’re surely busy pouring over every other wedding-related detail, here’s why you need to make time to book your beauty pro early on.


The most in-demand artists are usually booked early.

Just like you needed to move fast on your favorite wedding venue or photographer, you’ll need to make a decision about your makeup artist early on. Since popular ones book up fast, you should lock in your preferred artist as soon as you have a wedding date and venue.

Your makeup plan can help inform other decisions.

Unsure about the neckline of your dress or whether or not you should go with that moody-colored bouquet? Surprisingly, your makeup artist can help, especially if you’ve already had a trial and know the look you’re going for. If you’re still deciding on your big-day beauty look, they can help you make those details work-say, by suggesting a berry-hued lip to match your bouquet or subtle makeup that works with a more dramatic dress.

You’ll look back on the pictures forever.

When you think back to your wedding, what will flash most in your mind is an image of you and your husband locked in a kiss or you and your family celebrating on the dance floor. In all of these pictures, you will be a vision of youth, happiness, and love. Your skin will be glowing and your eyes will be sparkling-especially if you’ve nailed your big-day beauty look. Booking your makeup artist early means you’re putting your best face forward for the rest of your life.

All eyes will be on you.

People won’t remember your bouquet, or the favor, or the seating chart. Nobody will remember your husband’s tux, or the limos, or the cake. The first thing and the last thing that anyone will ever think of when they think back to your wedding day is just how beautiful you looked.

Wedding Trends – Bridal Bouquets 2021

Are you looking for something new and innovative in flowers for your wedding ? Go off the beaten track for your Bouquet ! I have included several examples similar to bouquets I have seen at a few weddings that I have worked this Fall.

Lots of Color, Unstructured & a more Horizontal shape as opposed to to the classic round Wedding Bouquet.

These are just inspiration photos for you…Seasonal flowers and greens are the best way to go, especially if you want to save money which is a major issue for many couples at this time. I know that some brides are doing their own flowers ( With help from a Mom or Bridesmaid) and taking online flower arranging classes.

Your bouquet is an expression of your personality and taste, second only to your Dress !

The Best Reasons to Hire a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

Look at this beautiful, joyous and excited wedding party ! They absolutely loved having their makeup done. It gave the bride (Emily) a stress free day and gave the bridesmaids time to devote to their dear friend-the bride.        Moms love it also… Even the most light and delicate makeup is transformative and takes years off a mature woman.


Many women feel a strong feeling of confidence after applying makeup. I know I do. And having a Pro Makeup Artist apply their makeup for a special event makes them feel pampered & important.

Having spent 30 years in the Television & Wedding industries here is what I know about cameras, even the most high end ones.  Cameras can bring out  irregular coloring of the skin, which nearly everyone has. Also it widens the face itself and the features of the face. 

An Experienced pro MUA will beautifully give a woman flawless skin              (without cakeiness), plus contour and highlight the face for an amazing and natural result.

In closing I would like to say a few words about Weddings in the time of Covid.  I have done three weddings this year- all in the last month. They were all scaled down and one of them was supposed to be a destination wedding but of course took place here in Chicago, the Bride & Groom’s hometown. Everyone I met was very happy. They all adjusted to the new circumstances.  So if you really want to get married soon, make sure your MUA is following all Sanitation protocols. Have a detailed discussion with your prospective Makeup Artist on this subject even before your trial. Ask if she or he have a sanitation certificate.

I hope I have helped with useful information. Above all no matter when you decide to marry, Be happy…Celebrate every day !


Radiant, Warm, Versatile..Pantone Living Coral Makeup

I absolutely had to write a follow up to my post regarding all things wedding & Pantone Living Coral ! So I did 4 graduating makeup looks on my friend Gabrielle. I will describe them below with each photo. The 4 diverse looks will display that no matter what the season or event or your comfort level you can integrate Living Coral into your makeup.

The first look is very clean for daytime or for a woman who is most comfortable with a very natural look. It includes soft eyes & peach matte lip.

I added liner to Gabrielle’s eyes for the second look & added more color to her lips plus a peachy gloss.

Gabrielle’s eyes are much more smoky & bronze for the 3rd look with a very nude cream lip.

The fourth look has some gold on the lid and under the inner corner and I added a lush pair of lashes. Her lips are a soft matte Cognac by Nars overlayed with a gloss.



I employed the products and brushes above in doing Gabrielle’s makeup. The products in the first photo and the brushes are available at Che Sguardo Makeup Studio in Chicago. They will ship all over the U.S. & Internationally. If you live in or near Chicago pay them a visit…It’s an amazing place and they offer detailed makeup lessons ! In the 3rd photo are MAC lipsticks and glosses.

No matter what color palette you choose to work in, try the looks above. Enjoy !


How to Include Pantone’s Color of the Year in Your Wedding

Living Coral…If this lovely , warm color appeals to you there there are gorgeous & subtle ways to incorporate it into all aspects of your wedding day ! First of all there are soft shades of coral that can be paired with pale green, navy blue, sage green, white, ivory and chartreuse. I think showing you visual ideas is much more desireable than chatting about it so here you are:

Below are Pantone’s 2019 Living Coral Cocktails !



Have a beautiful wedding day, no matter what your color palette is !

Great Makeup is an Art

The subject I am writing about today close to my heart. I feel it is for everyone: bridal clients, special event clients, makeup artists and pro hair stylists.

I belong to a special group of professional makeup artists and have connected with many of them through social media. Last August one of these talented people wrote an entry that concerns all of us greatly.

Here is the post:  “Today is Wednesday.. and she needs a makeup artist for her wedding for THIS Saturday..for herself (bride) and 5 bridesmaids… and she thinks she is in a position to negotiate her prices and my time… When I asked why is she just now booking a makeup artist.. She said she figured she didn’t have to book so far ahead and it’s only makeup.”

It’s only Makeup ?!!!  Infuriating !   So many things to say about this.                                               1.) Many women have never had contact with a pro makeup artist before…    They have no idea what goes into the process itself. My artist friends and I put our whole souls into a face. Some of us were painters and graphic artists to begin with.

2.) Years of study, classes, seminars and practice go into our careers. What we do is a calling and our integrity demands the Best work and beyond. We pay considerable attention to trends and use the top products available so no matter what media we work in the client looks excellent in person & on camera.

3.)  I have spoken to other Event professionals such as Planners, Photographers & Floral Designers about this. They told me that clients do not attempt to bargain with them. They accept their prices at face value. What is it about makeup artists that inspires this flea market client behavior ? We cannot bargain with people…it devalues us and our art.

I want you to know that I have had MANY generous and wonderful clients over the last 25 years who have never questioned my prices and greatly valued my work.

Which brings us to the next issue: VALUE.   My prices are moderate, well below others of my calibre in Chicago. The same goes for my other really talented artist colleagues.             Last year I had a client who was an important member of a bridal party. I worked with her to achieve the exact look she wanted  (One hour & 15 minutes) and frankly she seemed thrilled. I thought she looked like a movie star and told her so. Yet she gave me a 3 out of 5 stars for Value when reviewing my work on a major wedding website. I was shocked.

I planned this blog months ago but this issue came up today again when another artist in an online group posted about a last minute request (SAME DAY) for 2 girls and yet the client wanted a deal because there were 2 people.   WHAAAT ? !!!                                                            This is a perfect example of not respecting value and art.                                                 Here’s my last Statement: We LOVE what we do !

Here are some examples of our work and Thank You for reading !















2016 Event & Wedding Trends


Part One    Pantone Colors of Spring

Spring will be here before we know it ! In response to that season of renewal Pantone has chosen 2 main colors, Rose Quartz & Serenity. There are 10 colors in all though, to suit every taste.


This is the first time Pantone has chosen Two colors for a season, so if you choose them for your event you’ll be on top of the trendline.                         Here are some ideas using Rose Quartz & Serenity:

My personal favorites from the Pantone Ten are Lilac Gray & Iced Coffee. Separately or combined they are gorgeous !

 Just remember, mix in other neutral colors…like white or ivory. That will make your color scheme sophisticated, not overdone.

Save Money and Still Have a Beautiful Wedding !

Most engaged couples are on a budget these days. I have suggestions for you to help you save on wedding costs that may not have occured to you.

  • 1. Prioritize.  Sit down with your fiance and choose the items that are most important to you both.These are the things that you will spend more of your budget on.
  • 2. Venue.  Remember that a Friday or Sunday ceremony will save you money. Caterers and venue owners, florists and photographers may give you a substancial break for a non Saturday wedding. If you have a friend who volunteers their backyard or garden for your ceremony & reception take them up on the offer.  Also many vendors reduce their prices for off season weddings.
  • 3. Guest list. I know that there are pressures to invite all your cousins and 25 of your parents’ friends, but if YOU are paying for your wedding then YOU can decide on the number of guests. After you figure out cuisine costs then it may be easier to know how many you are able to invite.
  • 4. Cuisine.  There are so many ways to save on food costs. Sit down dinners with wait service can be very expensive. If you are having a morning or afternoon ceremony have a brunch, luncheon or dessert reception. A well done and elegant buffet will also greatly reduce costs.
  • 5  Beware of The Bar !    Hard liquor and a full bar is very expensive. If you feel that you would like your guests to have cocktails limit full bar service to an hour or two. The switch to wine & beer or simply eliminate cocktails altogether.
  • 6. Invitations and save the date cards.  There are fantastic options to costly invitations from a pro. For instance, The Paper Source has gorgeous DIY invitations and inexpensive workshops to help you.They   have locations all over the country.
  • 7   The Gown ( Your Most Personal Statement)                                                                                            There are so many wonderful options here for saving money without sacrifice. BHLDN has wonderful gowns and accessories (and sales). Etsy has every style imaginable, including vintage. Try bridal resale shops such as Glamour Closet (4 U.S. LOCATIONS) and I Do Designer Consignment in Chicago. There are fantastic bridal consignment shops all over the country. Of course if you love and have access to your Mom’s or Grandmother’s gown a talented seamstress can make it your own !
  • 8   Memories in Print                                                                                                                                           I have one really great idea for wedding photo savings: Contact a College that specializes in Arts and Media. Investigate hiring a graduate student with a portfolio and interview 2 or 3. They will work hard for you & give you a terrific deal.
  • 9    Flowers                                                                                                                                                     If you are fortunate enough to know someone who can take you to a wholesale floral market take advantage of the opportunity ! Of course you will ( hopefully with help ) be doing your own arrangements, but it can save Hundreds of dollars. Perhaps more ! Even if you buy retail and do the flowers yourself, there will be a sizable savings.
  • 10 The Soundtrack of Your Wedding                                                                                                                  Of course a DJ will be far less expensive than a band. Give a DJ a very clear picture of what your musical tastes are and interview at least three. Also going back to the school idea, find a great band through a top level music school and a soloist to sing or play for the ceremony.

Wedding Planning Guide…Nine Months Out

There are many engagements between now & Christmas ! So let’s get busy.

1) Shop for your Makeup & Hair team. Get recommendations from friends who have similiar tastes. Try to go with quality as opposed to price and if possible try out a few & take photos at the trials. Also, these people will be spending several hours with you & your bridesmaids & Moms. Make sure they are friendly & likable.

2) Florists. Again, Check out the wedding websites. Usually if a vendor has lots of good reviews they will be winners ! Go to your meeting with a firm idea of what you want and beforehand check out what flowers will be in season on your wedding day.

3) Hire your Photographer & Videographer     Ask other married friends for recommendations and look at their albums & videos. Also ask your makeup artist for photographer references. They are particular & have a good eye.

Ask to see entire weddings from these 2 vendors. You want to be positive that your vision is the same as theirs.

Acquire references from them & call these brides.

I feel a small studio is a much better way to go because you are dealing directly with the people who will be shooting & filming your wedding.

Also find out how long it will take to get proofs & that you see them before they go online.


Next.. in a couple of days I promise; Your DRESS, entertainment, caterers & more.

        Have a great day !