Practical Guide to Wedding Planning

In honor of my new blog on WordPress I am republishing my entire Wedding Planning Guide. I hope you all enjoy it.

Hello Brides to be ! So you just got engaged. Congratulations ! And you already may be feeling a bit over whelmed…OMG WHAT DO DO FIRST !!! The key is to have a solid planning guide.
The guide that I will be giving you is based on a one year plan though of course you can adjust it to your own timetable.

1) Start a bridal file and fill it with photos from Bridal, Cooking and Home magazines & websites. This will inspire you and help you choose your Dress, Jewelry, Flowers, Table Design & Cuisine. Pinterest can be a great resource for this. Start your own wedding Pinterest Site !

2) Put your budget together. If family members are contributing
combine your wedding savings with theirs & begin to decide how
you will allocate the funds.
3) Choose your Bridal party. Both you and your Fiance should work on this together.
4) After shopping for & choosing a venue, book the date.
5) The guest list. Of course you need to discuss this with parents
Just keep in mind that there will be many other costs to be considered so if you don’t have a big budget you may have to be strong on this point. People will
be understanding about this.

6) If your budget allows hire a wedding planner to help with all the details and the vendor search .
But you Can find vendors on your own….there is plenty of help out there. One Wed, Wedding
Wire and Wed Plan are great because vendors are reviewed by brides. Good idea to start your
search now & give yourself 2 months to decide.
7) Book your officiant.

Next time we will talk about florists, makeup, hair, entertainment,caterers and other important things to do nine months out.



Loli’s Creations on Etsy
      Stunning ! That is what I would call these great looking clutches for your bridesmaids. A great deal of time & love go into seeking out gifts for bridesmaids. Here are some suggestions for you with links under each photo.
 Last week we worked at a wedding and our thoughtful
bride gave her maids & both Moms beautiful satin robes to relax in while having their hair and makeup done.

David’s Bridal
Jewelry is a wonderful & practical gift that your bridesmaids can make use of for many future occasions.
Earrings and bracelet from The Left Bank Chicago
Pinch Provisions
Since many or all of your ladies may be spending the pre-wedding evening in a hotel this is a fantastic gift ! 
It contains an amazing array of items (21) including double sided tape, extra wedding bands and a mending kit.

If you have only one bridesmaid and you would like to splurge, give her a gift certificate to an elegant spa or a set of crystal champagne glasses. 
When I was a Maid of Honor for one of my best friends she gave me one of the best presents I’ve ever received…a leather bound edition of Lord of The Rings.
Happy Wedding !
Photo courtesy of Visage Joli Bridal Makeup & Hair